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A Gift from the Earth


This mother’s day I was inspired to commune with our Earth Mother.  She whispered to me a message:

“She has a gift for you.  All you need do is open your heart and receive it.  This Mother’s day – whoever you are, wherever you are, go outside and receive this gift Gaia has for you. Whether you go to the most beautiful and pristine natural setting or you are in the center of a concrete city block – the Earth will send you her gift.  If you would like to give her a gift back, you may.  She does not require it, but she will joyfully receive it.  If you do offer her a gift, what she asks of you is quite precious.  It requires something great of you.  It is your presence.  That is the greatest present you could give her.”

Accepting the ever changing nature of nature was the gift I received this Mother’s Day.


My daughters were away for Mother’s Day this year. I wanted something very simple as my gift from my husband … a nice morning walk on a wooded trail. Plans changed. He had to work that morning and then he would be visiting with his mom for lunch. I still got my walk but we had to go somewhere closer and we wouldn’t have as long. On the spur of the moment I was inspired to go to my old neighbourhood where I took childhood walks.  The area changed a lot.  New houses had gone up and even the paths had been moved.

That was my theme that day – CHANGE.

Just as we arrived, it began to rain. It didn’t rain very hard. The Earth held back the heavy drops until we were nearing the end of our walk.  Later we got takeout for dinner and when we got it home, I saw that they had given me something different than what I ordered.  Afterwards we watched a movie I’d been waiting ages to see but it was not as good as I expected.  But I was open and went with the flow and despite the turn of events I still enjoyed the day.  I felt what I felt in each moment and I enjoyed the day.

Maybe that was the secret to my being happy – not just on that day but all days – to accept every moment as it was.  It may have been a holiday but it was a day like any other day.  It was special.  Yes.  But that’s because ALL days are special.  I could have quite easily been disappointed in the day – in my walk being cut short – in getting the wrong thing for dinner – in the movie – in being without my daughters on mother’s day. But because I was looking for and expecting a gift … that’s what I received.  I was open to the gift and that was the gift.

It was a powerful and very precious gift. That is the wisdom of the Earth.



I received a personal message from Gaia which I share with you in case you may find a gift in it for yourself:

“The earth (or the universe for that matter) cycles in change. Nothing is fixed.

Holidays, like Mother’s Day, is humanity’s attempt to FIX something in time – meaning AFFIX something within a time frame in order to have control over it. But now I realize that there is double meaning here … it’s also about fixing something in time – fixing an issue that’s been contained in your lifetime.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t celebrate motherhood any way you choose. But there are many aspects of the mother energy to be celebrated and honoured. If you let go of what you believe that celebration should be about and open to the gift the day brings – and it will be different each year – then you will understand celebration in a deeper way. You will enjoy it in a way you haven’t enjoyed it before.”


If you opened up to receive the gift Gaia sent you that day, you likely noticed many gifts. If you didn’t see her message in time to accept her gift on Mother’s day, do it now … right now … open up your heart and receive a special gift from Mother Earth. For her, every day is Mother’s Day.

That is what the message to be open to receive a gift was about. Everyday can be like that. When you look for the gifts, you find them. So while the message came specially for this Mother’s day, it is true of any day. I think that was the real gift – realizing that this was a perpetual gift.