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A gift from the Cloud

I never know where my inspiration for my monthly blogs is going to come from. It is always a surprise. In a recent month it was Angels and falling crystals. This month it is U2 and Apple … that’s the singing group and the computer company – NOT a txt shortcut for “you as well” and the the fruit that took down Snow White.

I might never have known this if my daughter had not mentioned it, but it seems that a U2 album has been downloaded into EVERY iPhone in the world. People were calling it a virus because they didn’t know how it got there and they couldn’t delete it. Apple sent it as a gift but unfortunately it’s one that not everyone wanted and it can’t be returned. The REAL story as I understand it is that Apple/U2 has gifted everyone with a free U2 album which has been placed in iCloud for anyone who has an iPhone to download IF THEY WANT. It may have surprised Apple when the response was not one of gratitude but anger. People were seeing this album appearing on their iPhone and were unable to remove it. The truth is the U2 album is NOT actually on their iPhone (unless they chose to download it). It is in iCloud. However, some phones are set up in such a way that you can see what’s in the iCloud as if it is on your phone. That’s why they are unable to delete it – because it’s not really there at all.

Here’s the article that explains it in depth.


I found this scenario fascinatingly familiar. It was a reflection the physical and the spiritual realities – the body and soul.  Perhaps it was only a faint reflection, but if you looked you could see the mirroring.  You could substitute our bodies for the “device” (phone) and the ethereal realm for the “icloud”, and it’s our story. I think that we light workers can easily make that connection. We are given a gift from the heavens and if we have our channels tuned to the right frequency we are able to see the gift. If we choose, we can download the gift and integrate it into our reality (body). If not, the gift remains until it is time for us to accept it, if at all.

It’s quite amazing really!

So just like with our iphones, we can choose to set up our device (body) so that we can see what’s in the cloud (ethereal realm) as if it was already part of it. Really it’s not – we’re simply able to see it.  It’s kind of like seeing angels or loved ones who’ve passed.  They’re not part of the earthly realm but if we are tuned in we can see them and we can choose to interact with them.  Like the U2 Album, they are visible, but not physically present (not in physical form).


As in the case of the U2 gift album on itunes – we have the choice of whether to actually bring the gift into our device (body – physical realm) or allow it to remain in iCloud (the heavens). For instance, we may have come into this world with family members that push every button we have. Even if we get to the place where we can SEE that they are a gift from the heavens, here to inspire us to be more fully present in who we are, we may not be fully accepting of that gift. Meaning nothing changes.

There are 2 layers here. The first is to recognize and see the gift and the second is to accept and integrate the gift. With the U2 album, it was a choice to see the gift that was in iCloud and then another choice to download it onto our device. With the button pushing family member, it’s a choice to see their presence in our life as a gift and another choice whether to accept that gift. If we can accept the gift, we bring in a new frequency (song) into our life. Something in us shifts and they are no longer able to push any of our buttons. That’s the difference between seeing it and integrating it.

If we don’t get the whole picture, it may not feel like a choice. It may seem like the farthest thing from a gift, for it brings with it much pain. Then every time we see it in our device intruding into our PERSONAL SPACE (see Sacred Space blog), it understandably brings up feelings of anger. It is a constant reminder of a part of our lives we feel that didn’t consciously choose.

But I think that’s how it is in spirit … the gift may not seem like a gift. The choice may not seem like a choice. But it’s in those times that the choosing is most REAL.


The stone beings offer a similar gift in a sense. They can be the interface between heaven and earth – the bridge that allows us to see things with greater clarity and less judgement … and when we do see, they help us to materialize our vision.  That’s the gift the stones have for us and it is often hidden, just like our choice is often hidden.  We get lost in the myths and the sparkle and even the metaphysical and monetary value placed on the crystals and we can’t see the simplicity of their offering. They are here to help us to remember who we are. They are among the clearest reflections of our true form that can be found amidst the noise and distraction of this dense physical realm. Now you know the secret of the stones. So will you accept their gift or allow it to remain “in the cloud”?

Which do you choose?

Ponder this for a moment?  What in your world is it that you don’t see as a gift?  What is your U2 album?  Feel free to share your insights with us here …