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A deep discussion of a Crystal’s Purpose

I Almost didn’t share this blog post with you and it was not because I thought it might be too deep for my readers but I wondered if it would be helpful. Then I received a clear message that sometimes just simply sharing and expressing who I am and what I experience and believe can be of worth. I think sometimes in my desire to intentionally give you something valuable, I forget that expression – pure and simple – can offer something in and of itself. Now that I think of it, that is actually the true purpose of a blog – isn’t it?

In the last couple of months we’ve been speaking about what it means when a crystal does or does not want to be with a specific person. We talked about how crystals will only go where they want to go and the ways in which they orchestrate their journeys. We talked about how crystals are completely accepting of all beings and if they don’t want to join you in the moment there is a good reason and it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong. And we also spoke about how sometimes it is so clear that the crystals are communicating with us and showing us where they want to be, we are left without any doubt. We went quite deeply into this expansive topic but I want to go even deeper still. What I’m about to share comes from my own source of guidance and wisdom. I encourage you to find what is true for you.

This is what I believe – and I can’t offer proof, though proof is available to you should you seek to experience it. In our pure state of spiritual being we are all of one harmonious collective. In our physical form in this physical body we experience a separateness from other beings, whether they are other humans, animals, plants, minerals, elements, etc. This separation we feel is illusion. It’s just not “real”. It’s necessary for our expression within the human experience, but it is not true. If we could see beyond the human form, we would see that we are in harmony with all that is – all beings of this universe.

When there is a disharmony (or non-attraction) between 2 physical beings, that discord is happening only on one dimension of our existence. It is seen through one very narrow perspective. It is a little like how characters in a story may conflict with each other but the struggle between them is actually in harmony with the overall plot of the play. In fact their conflict might be key to the plot, though we might not understand how until the end of the story. At the deepest level there really is no disharmony. The discord happens in our perceived judgement through our egoic mind. What happens is somehow always of benefit to the one and the whole. It’s just that from our perspective we may not be in the position to see the full picture.

Does that mean you won’t feel a dissonant energy around some people – or some crystals? Surely you will. But what you are feeling is not a “bad” thing – even if it may feel that way in the moment. It is the world preserving balance. It is life flowing along the path carved out by it’s organic rhythm. It is the natural movement and order of this physical reality. It is pure primal instinctual magnetism – the strings that nature and spirit plays with. It shows up as an invisible overwhelmingly strong pull to or away from something that happens within both the individual and the collective for a purpose not necessarily seen or understood. In other words – we’re attracted to (or repelled by) beings we are in harmony (disharmony) with for a purpose that we might not be aware of but that is of benefit to the individual as well as the collective.

Let me try to offer an example – Your body is an ecosystem. It is like a world unto itself. Things happen in specific parts of the body sometimes that are for the benefit of the whole but which might not be comfortable physically or emotionally. For instance – when you contract a flu virus, your body heats up/raises its temperature in order to to expel the virus and return to a state of well being. The heat makes you tired and uncomfortable. You get achy and you may develop a cough or a sore throat. All of that, as painful and uncomfortable as it may be, is for your overall health. The dis-ease in one part is of benefit to that part as well as the whole body. It can work the other way too. Joy that begins in the heart can spread throughout our physical body and heal parts of us that seem to have no connection to our happy state. Our emotions can affect our physical body in a very real way. Light workers have know this long before it had become accepted in mainstream circles.

So then maybe we can see that when we receive a crystal that we don’t feel an instant connection with or if we don’t end up with a crystal we wanted it’s not about right or wrong or good or bad or worthy or unworthy. It’s not personal towards you. It’s about magnetism and purpose. It’s about your personal well being and harmony within the collective. Being aware of that may take away some of the yuckiness you may feel. It may help to ease the hurt, sadness, anger and rejection that comes up when a crystal is not meant to be with you. And when you end up with a crystal that you might not love at first sight – you can trust that it’s with you for a reason and that it has a gift for you.

This goes beyond our experiences with the stone beings. We can apply this wisdom to all the parts of our lives. In this physical existence, turbulent, uncomfortable and painful events are inevitable. But when we remember that we are much more than our physical body and personality, we can shift how we experience the difficult times. Perhaps we can even get to a place where we will see that all that comes into our lives is in harmony with all else even if it doesn’t feel that way in the moment. The wondrous thing is that when we can accept what comes with an open heart, it WILL feel harmonious.