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A Crystal Reading to take us into the New Year

This crystal reading was inspired by a phone conversation I had this morning with my daughter. We were talking about how much people love card readings and I told her I was thinking about pulling some crystal cards for my community. She said … I want one … and the next thing you know I was shuffling Naisha Ahsian’s Crystal Ally Cards.

Three cards FLEW out of the deck together in a magical way. Sometimes there’s no doubt as to which cards are wanting to be seen. They were:

Smoky Quartz for Grounding

Black Tourmaline for Purification

Cuprite for Female Power

We agreed that the cards that came were “perfect” and represented what we were feeling was the energy for the coming year … for 2020. Especially the Cuprite card. We’ve both been feeling tired of this male-centric world. So yes, coming into more “female power” was quite welcomed. Though, as my daughter so wisely added … for her it was about the manifestation of the female power in a very positive way.

I’m going to give you my personal sense of the meaning of these cards, beginning with what stood out as the key card.

Female Power - Cuprite

The feminine energy is being felt now in a way that has not been known for eons. The world has forgotten the magic of the Divine Feminine, including woman herself. She is remembering who she is and and she is beginning to embody and express her power. Woman’s time has come to be seen and heard in a way that has always been deserving of her - with honour and respect in every aspect of her being … body, mind and spirit.

Purification - Black Tourmaline

This deep purification that I’m sensing sweeping through the Universe is a cleansing of old patterns and toxic energies. Being in such a purified state means being naturally protected from further intrusions or attacks. It’s not hard to see the connection between this card and “female power”. It is about a clearing of the old history and the rewriting of herstory.

Grounding - Smoky Quartz

What I’m feeling from this card, I’m sensing from Gaia herself. It is about being rooted into and held by the earth. It is not only a time for woman to feel her connection to the natural elements of our world, but also the created ones. It is about being in harmony with everything in our environment - from the seas and trees to the manmade structures and diverse societies.


What I felt so clearly is that together these 3 cards hold the message of moving into the feminine energy and power in the highest, most honourable, most respectful way while being supported and held in the energy of the feminine collective. This definitely resonates with me personally but it feels like a message for all women right now. I feel as if the Universe is showing us how to move into our power together, to create an impenetrable sisterhood. We all have our own unique individual roles to play in the expansion of the feminine but when we support each other, when we choose each other, when we help each other, when we stand together … that’s when the biggest shift will happen - that’s when the world will change.


The Universe was clever in helping me to recognize the energy of this expanding “female power” by having me experience the exact opposite. It had been sending a very stereotypical masculine energy to me in several ways … one came literally to my door this morning, talking more to my husband than to me. This service person had a different voice for me than for his fellow man. He showed up at my home at 8am at my husband’s request, after telling me he wasn’t available until 9am. Before he even stepped in the door his first words to my husband were … “let’s see what your wife thinks she smells”. Keeping my cool but being very clear I told him that he wasn’t here for what I thought I smelled - it was for what I was actually smelling. It seems he didn’t quite yet get the message that our house was one of equal partnership because he showed surprise when he discovered that my husband actually helps with the chores, saying … “Oh YOU do the dishes?”

The Universe knew just which of my buttons to push so that I would get pissed off enough to use some of my “female power”. It was infuriating to feel unheard, inferior and insignificant. It was an old story - one I would have liked to have been done with.

In my heart I knew that it was coming up for a reason, but still sometimes it feels like even the Universe is not listening - and that’s the hardest. That’s when things feel the darkest. Of course it’s not true. The Universe is always speaking to us. It always finds the gentlest way to get its message across. The fact that I was not feeling heard by the Universe was part of its message.

Making a Stink!

I did eventually get the point. I was being shown that I had to find a way to use my voice where it would make a difference. First I had to experience the “stink” of stagnation (the smell coming from my water - which, by the way, only seemed to happen when a man was NOT in the room). I had to use my voice to defend myself - even though it would have been easier to just let my husband handle it. I had to buy a man’s glove because the woman’s was twice as expensive even though it used half the materials. Hardest of all, I had to see this pattern of sexism being perpetuated on my daughters.

Before this became clear to me, I had been having many experiences which made me feel that I was not being listened to. So yesterday when a beautiful sister on INSTA was offering to pull a card if anyone had a question, I asked what it was the Universe wanted me to know about this. It seems I got my answer. That’s not going to stop me from going to see the card @gorea pulled for me. I’ll pop it in here when I get it.

This Crystal Card Reading is my gift to you for the holidays. I hope that it holds meaning for you.


Happy Holidays Sweet Soul 😘