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3 Ways the Stones Speak to me

The stones are speaking to us all the time. Through their formation, through their physical characteristics, through their subtle energies. They say a lot just by being.

Some of what they reveal through their form is quite obvious—their colour, their sparkle, their shape, the images and letters that form on their surface, the sacred geometry in their faces. While there is a lot that we can see at first glance, there is even more beneath the surface. If you can slow down and get present with a crystal, you will start to notice the subtle nuances. You may even feel its energy through your own body.

How i hear the Song of Stones 

Sometimes it can help you to develop your own listening skills by hearing about how other people are doing it. So I'm going to share three ways that the stones speak to me:

Through a vision

I am not a visual person. It surprises people when I tell them that because I describe my meditative experiences in quite a lot of detail. However, there are times that I am shown a visual image. I can see the image quite clearly. It is as if it were right there in front of me. Those are the times that no imagination is needed. There is no doubt. Most of the times that I get clear visions, it is a crystal that is singing for me or a customer.

Through a dream

The crystals visit me in my dreams quite often. Sometimes they come as themselves, like the Quartz crystal with a water bubble that I never knew was there until it showed me in the dream. But very often they show up as something else. Like a tiny Coral Crystal that in my dream was a giant water creature in an aquarium.

A group of Snakeskin Agates once showed up in my dream as 13 snakes. I am not normally fearful of snakes—I have a healthy respect for them—but not fear. I was very afraid of these snakes in the dream. I awoke quite shaken. But that’s not where the conversation ended. The crystals found a way to get me to make the connection between the snakes in my dream and the agates in my crystal room. That’s the real magic.

Through intentional listening

What I mean by intentional listening is making a declaration that I want to hear the song of the stone. That might mean asking what the crystal’s song is out loud, on paper, or silently in my heart. Once the intention is set, I get very still and quiet and wait for the stone to share something with me. It could come through as an emotion, an image, a sudden knowing, an audible sound, a sensation in the body or some other way.

Don't give up!

It is really easy to give up before the crystal sings its secrets. I just need to hold on a little longer before the message comes through. It always seems to be just then—the moment that I am ready to give up—that the stone starts to sing. I wonder if at that point, when the ego is ready to give up, that it somehow frees the heart to hear the song.

These are just 3 of the ways that the stones sing to me. The crystals are brilliant communicators. They will find a way to let you know that they are singing for you and what they want you to know. All you have to do is be open to a message and trust that it is real when you receive it. Of course, this happens to be one of the hardest things for humans to do. It is not so easy for us to trust the magic in this world.

Trust builds Trust

Want to know the funny thing? Even when we get concrete proof of something that is corroborated by witnesses and verified by experts, that’s still not enough for us. We still have doubt. The lovely part about coming to trust the messages that you receive is that it helps you to know what to trust in this world of mixed messages. I know that this doesn’t make sense to the mind, but it works. You need to have faith before the proof comes, but then the proof is no longer needed.

A Guided Experience

If you want a guided experience of listening to a message from your crystal, there are many recorded Crystal Blessing Meditations on the Song of Stones YouTube channel. I also lead a live crystal connection once a month. Sign up to the crystal community to be notified when they are happening.