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3 reasons to meditate with Crystals

There are 3 reasons to commune with a Crystal. That’s to:

1. Enter into a deep connection with the crystal;

2. Connect with beings from other realms;

3. Get to know the self.

Let’s look a little deeper into the why and then I’ll share with you a way to begin and/or deepen the one you have going now.

1. To Connect with the Crystal

Crystals are the record keepers of our planet (and others). If you want to receive insights and wisdom from and about a specific stone being, you may connect to that crystal by meditation. Through the altered state of stillness, you can access information and receive deep messages.

2. To connect with beings from different realms

To reach and journey with ethereal beings such as faeries, angels, animal guides , or ancestors, meditate with the crystals. As multidimensional beings, crystals can open portals to other realms and take you through to your desired destination.

3. To know the self

Crystals are one of the clearest reflectors in our physical realm. They not only help us to see ourselves with an undeniable clarity, but they do it without judgement. That helps us to accept ourselves. They don’t ask us to fix ourselves. They help us to see the power, the magic and the brilliance that is already there, buried beneath the fears and doubts.

Know the why

The first 2 reasons to meditate with crystals are the most popular. It’s much more sexy to astral travel or commune with ancestral spirits than it is to gain deeper understanding of the self. Which is probably why people spend so much of their time and energy trying to escape the self. It’s often done by numbing the mind with drugs, drink and dining or distracting the mind with tech toys or reality tv. But meditation can also be used as an escape. This is not to say that travelling outside the body doesn’t offer the possibility of personal growth and world changing inspiration and wisdom. It most certainly does. Whatever the purpose, it’s important to be aware of it.

A regular meditation practice

Whatever your intentions, the key to tapping into the full power of a meditation with crystals is consistent practice. Regular practice can helps us get into a meditative state more quickly, more easily and more deeply. It also intensifies our inner trust. Self trust is essential when connecting with a being which does not speak your language.

Starting with guided journeys can make it easier to shift into a meditative state, especially when connecting with practiced meditators. The collective energy of the group can helps us quiet the mind more quickly and go deeper. Also new meditators may feel safer practicing with others.

Crystal Blessing meditation

Once a month, I lead a live crystal blessing mediation for the sensitive souls in the Song of Stones community. I do this because I want people to see that it only takes a few minutes of sitting in stillness with a stone being to begin to feel its energy and receive a message. Going into this magical space together with other crystal loving souls brings added depth to the experience. It’s also a chance to make deep personal connections. The conversation afterwards can be cathartic, nourishing and enlightening.

It’s not an easy thing to make time for ourselves, especially consistently. Doing so with people who share a common purpose, makes it more likely that you’ll show up for yourself because it’s more enjoyable and because you don’t have to do it alone.