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2020 Year Stone

There is a sacred practice that I’ve adopted where I invite in a stone being as co-creator for projects that I am working on or to help me shift out of old unhealthy patterns and into greater well being. Just as you can call on a spirit animal, ancestor or angel to guide you, so too can you call on a Stone Being. I call these mystical beings, Soul Journey Stones. They can come forward to guide you with a specific creation, like finding a home or life partner, starting a new business or career, or help you heal your body, heart or mind. But you can also invite them in, like you would a friend, to walk with you through a period in time … like this next magical, powerful year. In other words, your year stone for 2020.

Last year a beautiful Blue Coral Sphere came forward to offer to journey with me for the year 2019.

She promised me many magical messages but the first one was for you. Her song for you was shared through the first Crystal Moon Message of the year. The stone beings share a message with us every new and full moon. You will receive them when you sign up to join our Crystal family.



This Blue Coral’s message was about how we don’t always have to struggle to get the things we desire in life. That was huge for me as I am one who tends to make things harder for myself than they need to be. It is actually a biggie for a lot of us sensitive souls and light guides. If you missed it, I’m sharing it with you here:

Dear sacred child,

There is a time when you must climb to the top of the highest tree and step out onto a narrow branch that seems unlikely to hold your weight, balancing as it sways. All to get the crisp red apple hanging on the end.

But then there is a time when you must stand beneath this beautiful fruit you desire, gather all the patience you can muster and just wait for it to fall into your open hands.

This trust and patience is one of the hardest things you will have to do. That’s why you often choose to struggle.

I looked for my Blue Coral Journey Stone just now as I began to speak of her. I wanted to thank her for her magical presence through this past year as she has shown me how to open my heart and trust that the fruits of my labour may not always come immediately but they do come. But she has disappeared. She is asking me to trust that now too. In searching for her, I have found my 2020 Year Stone - a magical stone which needs it’s own post to tell you about - maybe it will have a message for you too.

Have you found your 2020 Stone yet?

If you haven’t done so already, I invite you to call in a personal Journey Stone for the year 2020. You can choose one or let one choose you. Be open to the one who comes forward. The greatest magic will often come from the most unlikely stone. If you need a little help, feel free to get in touch. It’s what I do.

However you choose to journey through your year, I send you blessings of joy, inspiration, success, prosperity, well being, and above all … magic!