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Worlds Collide Tektite Duet

Worlds Collide Tektite Duet

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These Tektites fit together as if they were made to be together.

Raw Tektites are natural glass composed mostly of Silica. I had always thought that Tektites were extraterrestrial, but in creating this listing I learned something new.  Tektites are formed from the energy of an impact of a comet or asteroid. The impact melts terrestrial rock and ejects it into the upper atmosphere at incredible speeds and then the newly formed Tektites rain back down onto the Earth. They fall from the sky, but they are of the Earth. However, having been created by an otherworldly object, they do carry that energy. They have the energy of both worlds. Two worlds collide and a Tektite is formed.  Imagine the power of the force it took to create these wonderful beings. A force so powerful that it sends them flying off the face of the Earth. It's easy to see that these beautiful beings can offer a great source of support when we're dealing with turbulent, charged events that can cause us to feel displaced. As the Tektites do when they rain back down onto the earth, so too can they show us how to come back into our lives after been blasted from them.  They can help us remember how to ease back into our bodies after a tremendous shock, or after we've travelled from it (astral travel, meditation, past life visits, etc.) or even to adjust to being back home after a trip to another part of our planet.

The Tektites in this Duet are approx. 1-1/2" and 1-3/4"