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Vanadinite Crystals - Song of Stones

Vanadinite Crystals

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Vanadinite vibrates to the number 9, Astrological sign of Virgo

Vanadinite is a great stone to take into meditation with you, helping you to clear your mind and journey quite deeply. Before meditating with this crystal, one can consciously decide whether to use the stone to reach a state of emptiness or to provide visions to pre-defined questions. Vanadinite has a clearing effect, allowing the energy to flow into and through the centre of the body providing a deep peace within the soul. Vanadinite can promote thrift in spending, either conserving ones energy or ones money. It is a good stone for those who have tendencies to overspend. It can help one to define goals and to pursue these goals in an orderly manner.

Vanadinite is one of the first of the Stone Beings which made it's presence known to me ... one of the first I was drawn to, so it holds a special place in my heart. When you meet this wonderful sparkling being, I think it will become one of your favorites too.

These wee crystals are perfect for a medicine pouch. I will listen for the one that is singing for you.