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Thuya Red Cedar Essential Oil

Thuya Red Cedar Essential Oil

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5ml. Thuya Essential Oil (in Miron Glass Bottle when available)

The trees have been singing so powerfully to me.  They are here to support us in so many ways.  One of those ways is through the liquid of their life essence - through Essential Oils.  Their gift to us goes beyond the beauty of their scent and the richness of their body.  They can raise us up higher than the uppermost tip of the tallest of their collective.  They can offer us the wisdom that has been held in their hearts for eons before we ever came to this world.  They can reveal to us an inner strength we would never have imagined that we possessed.  They can teach us how to stay rooted through the fiercest of storms.  They who are the breath of this planet can show us how to breathe so deeply and so fully, with clarity and ease.  They do all that and more and they do so with grace and harmony and with a pure openness and acceptance.  These are the gifts of the trees.

This Thuya Plicata (Red Cedar) essential oils comes from Canada and is steam distilled from needles and small branches.  Thuja is an indigenous cancer treatment used by Native North Americans.  The oil has a very high level of anti-cancer, anti-tumoral and anti-viral properties, and is one of the herbalist’s most valuable resources in the healing of cancer.  It is considered a Master Herb by my Native American grandmothers, and it has earned that title completely.  It has been used as a topical treatment for viral conditions, and against viral warts and genital herpes.  Thuja is a valuable additive to cancer salves and drawing pastes; it is able to draw toxicity and infection out of tissue without harming the healthy cells.  It is also a parasiticide, again helpful for eliminating the underlying causal factor in most cancer conditions.  It can be added to cleansing formulas and parasite teas and tonics.  It can be taken daily for this purpose, but should normally not be taken for longer than 28 days at a time.  Beginners should only use it internally with help from an herbalist or natural health professional until one has experience with this oil/herb.  Thuja is known to strengthen the heart, tone the nervous system, and regenerate prostate and uterine conditions.  Because it has a high ketone content, it must be used carefully and consciously; not for pregnant women, children, and those with conditions that should avoid ketones.  When in doubt, it can be made into a homeopathic, in which case it will not create any toxic reactions.  It is also a good massage oil, with powerful pain relieving qualities.

Thuja is a Master herb that can teach us much about healing very toxic conditions in the body.  Like many shaman’s herbs, this oil should be approached gently and humbly, by asking the spirit of Thuja to guide and teach.  Many herbal healing secrets bordering on the miraculous  can be accessed through the wisdom of this plant, for those who are patient and willing to put the information to use.  Energetically, thuja helps to transform karma, enabling people to see with clarity the causal factors in disease and life conditions.  Instead of going round and round the wheel, recreating suffering over and over, a new path is opened up and seen.  One now has the ability to choose a lighter and more direct path of evolution.

DISCLAIMER:  None of these are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  They have not been studied or evaluated as to the risks or effectiveness.  Please do your research before you use this or any essential oil, as some of the oils require you to take certain precautions.