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The O.R.B. Experience
The O.R.B. Experience

The O.R.B. Experience

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When you are in the bliss of Divine Presence, pain dissipates.

I gently guide you into that transformational space and the rest happens through that Divine alignment.


Origin Resonance Bubble


                        ○   realign with your origin

              ○   remember who you are

     ○  reorient yourself with the grand plan

○   reharmonize with your unique frequency––your soul signature

      ○   resolve your struggle with duality

                    ○   revive your soul's story


When you are in resonance with Origin Energy, pain dissipates and dissonant energies no longer affect you.


○   One on One Healing Session.

○   We meet through zoom.

○   A Follow up through email.


"This is the best I have felt in about 6 months!" -- Evi

"My knees feel great today." -- Melanie

"I truly feel it is a special gift that awakened a remembrance in me." -- Annina