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Teri Star Angel

Teri Star Angel

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Sometimes The Angels, take presence together with the stone beings. That was the case with a small group of Metamorphosis Crystals. They can be seen in these crystals' inner glow - sometimes with vivid rainbows! 2 Small pieces spontaneously separated from this one as I was listing it. The one who becomes guardian to them will understand the reason for the separation and the purpose for the parts. They are Teri.

These beautiful glowing opalescent Metamorphosis Quartz Raw Crystal Pieces come from Brazil. Metamorphosis Quartz is known as THE "stone of transformation". The name Metamorphosis Quartz was chosen to reflect it's wondrous transformation characteristic. When irradiated, these translucent glowing crystals transform into "Ouro Verde" Quartz, a highly coverted golden green coloured Quartz. The irradiation process can be natural but in my experience, it is most often artificially produced. Perhaps it's this stone being's inherent transformative property that creates the opening for the oft seen Faeries and Angels within these Metamorphosis Quartz Crystals. When I experienced this stone for the first time, I felt peaceful and calm.  My mediation with Metamorphosis Quartz: 

"I am not reacting to the words of others. I know that whatever they say will not influence how I feel or deter me from my goal. I let them speak and do not take it personally, understanding that their words are coming from the pain that they feel."

Metamorphosis Quartz vibrates to the number 4 and is the astrological sign of Scorpio. It helps us to replace negative attitudes with positive direction and lends support during changes. This stone helps us prepare for transformation and avoid "avoidance". It helps us to understand that any and all power comes from within and needs to be self directed. It offers its support but change must come from the self. Metamorphosis Quartz exhibits a back-lit opalescence which brings a "halo" to the mineral and has been used to automatically increase the range, the clarity, and the strength of ones aura. It has also assisted one in seeing the aura of others. Metamorphosis Quartz inspires us to awaken our desires and to recognize that "if it feels good", and if it hurts no one (including the self), then not only is it ok to do but it actually makes us better for having done so. This mineral is one for healing the self, on all levels.

This Metamorphosis Quartz Crystal is approx. 2" x 1-1/2"