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Takanuta Turquoise with Quartz - Song of Stones

Takanuta Turquoise with Quartz

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These very rare Turquoise and Quartz nuggets were passed down through 3 generations of Shoshone Natives.  My supplier received them from the granddaughter of Shoshone Native Chief Saggie William.  This old gem quality parcel of Turquoise came from the Darling Darlene mine in Battle Mountain, Nevada. They are completely natural.  They have not been enhanced or stabilized in any way, yet they are quite hard.  All have at least some quartz matrix, some with tiny prismatic quartz crystals.  The rare marriage of Turquoise and Quartz makes these stones energy powerhouses.

I was in the midst of something when I was pulled away by the song of a these very special Turquoise Stones.  I've had them here for some time, waiting for them to be ready to be offered.  These special stones took me on a journey.  My eyes closed and was taken to a beautiful land.  I'll describe it as best I can.  It was open hilly and I was standing in tall grasses.  I was connected to a male native of the lands - arms open in acceptance of the beauty of this place.  We were breathing in these lands.  With each breath we felt all the elements of our surroundings.  It was an experience of interconnectivity, unity and harmony.  It was quite spectacular.  I was overwhelmed by the joy of this state.  It seemed like hours went by but when I opened my eyes and looked at the clock, I saw that no time had passed.

While journeying with these Turquoise Stones they expressed their desires and intent to choose where they would go.  If you feel them call to you, you may order one and I will go into the stillness and listen for the stone that is singing for you.  They were quite clear about it.  We ask that you trust that the right stone will come to you.  Requests will not be accepted for these stone beings.

They gave me the name Takanuta.

More of their song came later that night:

"These stones came forward at this time to support and guide us through the physical transition into activating our light bodies ... 'living as light'.  They show us how to come into alignment ... with our 4 bodies (physical/emotional/mental/spirit) and also with earth-body/heaven-spirit."

I think that's what I was shown in the vision I spoke of ... a complete awareness and experiential understanding of the interconnectiveness of all this is in our physical world AND our heavenly counterparts.  As above, so below.  All that is in our physical reality is a reflection of a spiritual reality.

These stone beings vary greatly in size ... from a wee 1/4" to approx. 1".  This adoption requires that I enter into a state of connectivity and of deep listening.  It is the same process as the Soul Journey Stone and the fee is reflective of that.

You will receive 1 Takanuta Turquoise/Quartz Nugget.  I will listen for the one who is singing for you.