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Sutherland Marble

Sutherland Marble

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These beautiful Marble Stones were lovingly hand collected in Sutherland, Scotland by my supplier himself and given a soft tumble.  These are a rare offering.  I have never seen these offered anywhere else.  They are small stones but hold a very special energy - a soft strength.  These Marble stones are a soft pastel green and yellow tone.  A wonderful stone to join the heart and the solar plexus.  And Marble being a stone of strength and transformation (a metamorphic rock) it can be of great value in tapping into your inner power and expressing it in a loving way.

These hand harvested stones range in size from approx. 1/2" to 1-1/2". They are quite small in size but powerful in energy. I will listen for the Sutherland Marble Tumbled Stone that is singing for you.

I also have a bag of wee pieces and chips for garden, medicine pouch or elixirs. If you would like that make a note at checkout and I'll send you that instead of a single stone. it is the same price as 1 stone. You will receive all the chips in this parcel pictured here.