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Stellar Atom Quartz Crystals - Song of Stones

Stellar Atom Quartz Crystals

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My supplier told me that these Stellar Atom Quartz Crystals WILL NOT BE IGNORED! I honestly thought she was exaggerating, but if anything, she understated it. When I began to connect with one of these crystals, it did not let me repress what needed to be seen or felt. I found myself reaching for it whenever I needed to deal with something where my first instinct was to bury it or run from it. I was so impressed with the power of this wee Stone Being that I searched for more to offer you. Here's what my supplier says ...

 Stellar Atom Crystals (Himalayan Diamonds DTs) are a relatively new find emerging from the highest mountains on the planet.  They are clear double terminated Quartz Crystals, similar to Herkimer Diamonds.


This Stellar Atom Crystal is a stone that WILL NOT be ignored. Stellar Atoms are the most potent crystals I have ever been around in my life, and I've been around thousands of crystals. I can't leave my hands over them for very long, because they actually burn my hands. I just tried it again, and my palms are on fire.

Stellar Atoms enhance distinct awareness and unrestrained spontaneity. These crystals will raise you to a higher vibrational level within 10 seconds, will help you to hear voices, will help you to attune to your soul, and will help you to live in a more pronounced fashion. (I'm still tingling over this crystal). These are true healers for the new millennium, bringing in the Golden Ray for higher vibrational healing and attunement and helping one to "believe".

Stellar Atom Crystals stimulate clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities and can assist in prescience and in telepathic communication. They can accept and store information which can be retrieved later. 

I thank Kay of Psychic Pathways for these crystals and the metaphysical information.



These crystals range in size from approx. 1/2" to 1-1/2". I will listen for the Stellar Atom Crystal that is singing for you.