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Star Meditation rock grid - Song of Stones

Star Meditation rock grid

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Some time ago I was led to this dazzling website that was ofering magical celestial stones that were seeded on the earth long ago awaiting activation. I was feeling very drawn to this mystical stone being and brought it home. It was a powerful stone. I found myself feeling quite overwhelmed by it. Laura Lee let me know that all I had to do was ask it to power down and then ask it to reboot, She was right - that's all it took. Once we attuned I felt such strength from this being on every level of my being, including in my physical body. Do you want to know how I first noticed this physical strength ... I was spinning lettuce in my salad spinner and I pulled on the string just like any other time but there was so much strength in my action that my spinner almost went flying across the room. I smiled a knowing smile. So that is one of this being's gift to me.

What I'm offering here is 5 Star Rocks for Star Meditation (12 to 15 grams).

Instructions: Lay down with arms and legs spread like the Vitruvian Man, with a rock in each hand, one between the big and second toe (or what ever toe fits) on each foot, one on top of your forehead & a pendant on your chest over your Core-Star. Imagine yourself in the center of a Kryahgenetics Egg. Take a deep breath and tell the egg to “turn on” -- watch/feel it suck the debris out and neutralize it on the shell. Now you are in position for deep, internal understanding & transformation.

Click HERE to read what the one who discovered this magical stone says about it.