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Spinel in White Marble

Spinel in White Marble

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A beautiful rich ruby red Spinel Crystal sits on crisp white marble like a drop of blood on snow! The Marble shimmers in the light as snow sparkles in the sun. Some of the Marble stones hold more than one of the bright Spinel Crystals which makes me think there are more gems buried within. The combination of this gem with the Marble is a wonderful way to experience the energy of spinel. The Marble allows us to hold the tiny red crystals easily in the hand.

Spinel vibrates to the master number 3 and is the astrological sign of Sagittarius & Aries. Spinel can help us renew our energy and encourages us to persevere during difficult tasks. The energy of Spinel is that of beauty. It can help us enhance our appearance and to increase our positive personality traits. It helps us obtain, maintain and accept victory with humility. It is known as a "stone of immortality", bringing freshness to our endeavours. Red Spinel vibrates to the number 3, Astrological sign of Scorpio. Red Spinel can be used to provide strength and to stimulate physical vitality. It helps to both align and stimulate the base chakra and is conducive to the activation of the Kundalini.

I will listen for the Spinel in Marble Crystal that is singing for you.