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Sphalerite Crystal Medicine Circle - Song of Stones
Sphalerite Crystal Medicine Circle - Song of Stones

Sphalerite Crystal Medicine Circle

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These natural Sphalerite crystals come from Tennessee. Sphalerite Crystals have a beautiful translucent orange - rootbeer colored essence which is hidden by a mask of darkness. It's very appearance teaches us to look past the surface of what the Universe shows us, deeper into its essence. Sphalerite is quite a heavy stone making it a wonderful grounding crystal. It is much heavier than is expected by it's size. Again, it's essence is masked by it's appearance. Another way Sphalerite reveals its hidden essence is through its lustre. In some lights and angles it appears dark and dull and with a small twist it can light up with the silvery flash of a metallic sheen. It is quite the mystical stone with a deep message.

When I took pictures for this listing, I also took pictures of Blue Sapphire crystals. I wondered if these two crystals had purpose in coming together. Then I read the comments from the Book of Stones about how Blue Sapphire enhances the Sphalerite Crystal's effect on sharpening our powers of discrimination. Isn't it interesting too ... the similarities in their names: Sphalerite and Sapphire.

From Love is in the Earth by Melody ...

Sphalerite (Blende) vibrates to the numbers 5 and 6 and is the astrological sign of Gemini. 
Sphalerite, also known as Blende, can be used to balance both the male and female aspects of the personality. It can help us to enhance our intuitive qualities helping us to recognize genuine information. Rubbing the stone can help us enter a meditative state and can allow for visual stimulation by a bright white light. During many tribal rituals of many cultures this stone was impacted to awaken the energies and an orange spark was evidenced. This sign was taken to mean that the powers of creativity and intuition were also awakened.

From Book of Stones by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian ...

Sphalerite is ideal for the first 3 chakras. Sphalerite energises the first chakra, increasing life force, courage, strength, vitality. It stimulates the second chakra. enhancing sexual energy, creative inspiration and zest for life. It strengthens the third chakra, making for greater success in manifestation, clearer thinking and willpower. It is an excellent stone for those of us who are trying to break addictions. Sphalerite is helpful in bringing energetic balance and grounding to those who need it, helping to draw energy and vitality up from the Earth and release excessive energy down into the Earth. The sulphur content in sphalerite grounds our energy. Sphalerite is a stone of discrimination. Meditating with Sphalerite, one can easily distinguish between guidance and fantasy, between true spiritual insights and wishful thinking. It sharpens one"s perceptions so that one's "truth detector" is working at its best. It"s effect on one"s powers of discrimination is increased by Blue Sapphire. Sphalerite encourages us to take care of our physical body. It teaches the sanctity of the physical vehicle and the necessity of maintaining a properly nourished and loved "temple of the soul". 

These Sphalerite Crystals are approx. 1/4" each. You will receive 5 of these crystals to co-create a medicine circle or to use in your medicine pouch.