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Soothing Trauma with Gold and Blue

Soothing Trauma with Gold and Blue

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Not long ago I re-experienced a traumatic memory, long held deep within the cells of my being. Along with the emergence of this memory, was the appearance of the colours Yellow and Blue - not just among the stone beings, but in the clothes I was wearing and the food I was eating .., and they came in other clever ways to offer their support. I felt the importance of their presence in support of the shock and trauma that was being released.

These colours recently appeared to offer their support again after a similar experience and I was inspired to offer these duets to you in case you feel drawn to their colours too. You may not be drawn to them for support in the same way I was. Or your experience may call for different colours. I imagine that each colour and each colour combination will affect different people in different ways. However they support you, remember that the rainbow rays do show up in our lives in meaningful and purposeful ways. When we are aware of their presence, our circle of support expands and life can get a little easier.

Raw Lapis and Raw Golden Opal come together to offer support in soothing trauma. It's so wonderful to watch crystals come together in a song of harmony and unity. These two magically made their way together in a way so obvious I just couldn't deny it. Each of these very rare crystals are wonderful to work with in their own right. Now you can experience them in a new way ... as a pair. They have a very special song to sing for you.

There are 2 duets available (approx. 1" and 1-1/4"). I will listen for the pair who are singing for you.