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Rose Hip Seed Essential Oil

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5ml. Rose Hip Seed Oil (in Miron Glass Bottle when available)

This Rose Hip Seed Oil (Rosa Canina) C02 Total extraction comes from Yugoslavia.  Rose hip seed oil has characteristics of both an essential oil and a fatty oil.  This CO2 extract results in a brightly coloured, delicate aromatic substance that has a superior affinity for human skin.  It moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles, and restores elasticity when used over time.  It restores tone and vitality to aging or degenerated skin.  It can be diluted with jojoba or neem, and combined with other oils.  It is especially good for reducing spider veins, scarring, and discolourations in the skin.  It is a fabulous moisturizing facial treatment when applied full strength to the face, covered with a hot towel, and allowed to sit until the towel gets cool.  A treatment with rose hip seed oil can counteract the dryness of winter and bring a bloom to your skin.

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