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Rock Rose Essential Oil - Song of Stones
Rock Rose Essential Oil - Song of Stones

Rock Rose Essential Oil

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5ml. Rock Rose Essential Oil in Miron Glass Bottle

This Rock Rose essential oil (Cistus ladaniferus) from Spain is steam distilled from wild crafted aerial parts.

Rock rose is found throughout the Mediterranean, and was  called “Rose of Sharon” in biblical texts.  Sharon, in this case is not a person, but refers to a plain in the south of Jordan where the Cistus plant grows in abundance.  Its use as a sacred perfume, and medicine has been well documented since biblical times.

Rock rose is also  known by other names, including Labdanum.  It has a very strong spiritual presence, and can be used to promote meditation or attain expanded states of consciousness.  It brings past lives or past issues that have been suppressed, up to the surface for recognition and release.

Rock rose brings out feelings and helps us communicate about them.  It eases the emotional body, especially relieving to fear and emptiness.  It helps to clear emotional stagnation.

Rock rose also stops bleedings–it can be used to stop hemorrhage, and to relieve hemorrhoids.  It helps relieve hematoma, bruises, and blood spots under the skin, and can be applied topically for that purpose.

One of the most well known uses for Rock Rose is as a rejuvenating treatment  for aged or wrinkled skin.  It is one of the herbal treatments that could be called “face lift in a bottle”, for its ability to turn back the clock and rejuvenate skin with consistent use.  For this reason, it is used in many recipes and formulas for aging skin, cosmetics, and facial cremes.

Note:  Be aware–a solvent extracted oil from the plant resin is also sold commonly on the market, as Rock Rose essential oil.

DISCLAIMER:  None of these are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  They have not been studied or evaluated as to the risks or effectiveness.  Please do your research before you use this or any essential oil, as some of the oils require you to take certain precautions.