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River Rainbow Crystal Blessing Topaz - Song of Stones

River Rainbow Crystal Blessing Topaz

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This bright sparkling River Tumbled Topaz offers a rainbow through the sunshine of the morning and a layer of magical dust from the trees. Just as I was about to begin taking you through the blessing, the wind carried over a scattering of magical tree dust. You can see it in the video if you are paying close attention. At that point I just had to trust that you were able to see the crystal because the phone I was using to do the recording was covered in dust and I couldn't see anything. Rainbow Blessings to you magical ones!

Now that this rainbow Topaz crystal has gifted us with her beautiful light emanations, she is ready to make magic with the one who is to take her home.

Topaz vibrates to the number 6 and is the astrological sign of Sagittarius - Elemental. The energy of Topaz acts through the laws of attraction and manifestation. The ends and facets of a Topaz crystal work very differently from Quartz in that they provide both positive and negative currents. These alternating currents are linked to the forces of manifestation through which attraction and desire flow. Topaz brings out our individuality and creativity, as we trust in our decisions replacing doubt with love and joyfulness. Topaz is an excellent crystal to use in visualization (for healing and/or attracting), in meditation and in projection. It helps us to absorb that which is needed from the universe, by being open to new ideas and willing to act on them. Topaz is known as a stone of true love and success in all endeavours. The ancients used it as an amulet to ward off evil. Topaz is precious to the African bushmen who use it in ceremonies for healing and for connecting with the spirits who have departed from this plane. It is believed to bring wealth and health to the holder. When Topaz is used with Amethyst, it both gives and receives energy from the Amethyst, assisting the use of the laws of attraction and manifestation for the good of all. The Amethyst further provides for the transmutation of undeveloped energies into spiritual vibrations to produce a soothing, clearing and stabilizing effect.