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Ribbon of Light Cat's Eye Green Opal

Ribbon of Light Cat's Eye Green Opal

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This magical green opal has a ribbon of light streaming through it and emanating out to you. See if you can catch it and hold on to it. She shared a crystal blessing with us. You can receive it by clicking play below:

These beautiful Green Cat's Eye Opal stones are in their raw, natural form. Cat's Eye crystals have a mystical quality to them ... their moving light gifting us with a flash of the ethereal and a reminder of our own inner light.

Opal vibrates to the number 8 and is the Elemental Astrological Signs of Cancer, Libra, Pisces & Scorpio. The cause of precious opal's colour was a mystery until the discovery of the electron microscope. It was then found that opal was composed of a great number of tiny 3 dimensional stacked spheres of silica. The cavities between the spheres can cause light to be divided into the spectral colours. Opal without colour contains spheres which are not of orderly size or stacking. Opal can amplify our traits and characteristics, providing motivation for our positive traits to prevail. It helps us to tap into our creativity and imagination. Opal allows us to be spontaneous and true to our feelings. With Opal we can feel more deeply and release our inhibitions. It can be used to strengthen our memory and to instill faithfulness and loyalty. Opal is known as a "stone of happy dreams and changes". Opal can awaken and help us to understand our psychic and mystical qualities. Opal has been used by the Native American Indian and Australian Aboriginal shamans to invoke visions. Opal which has fire (spectral colour) can be used to encourage flashes of intuition and insight.

Opal can be used to assist us in becoming "invisible" in circumstances where we do not wish to be noticed. It brings a quality of "fading into the background" when the energy is so directed. I wanted to see this "invisible" aspect of opal so I tried an experiment with an Oregon Opal and a blue Peruvian Opal. I placed them in a bowl of water and waited to see what happened. I discovered that the opals did indeed disappear into the water. They blended into the water so well, I really thought that they were gone for a moment or two. It took several days for them to return to their original colours when I took them out of the water. Actually my Blue Peruvian Opal was never quite the same afterwards. 

This listing is for the Ribbon of Light Cat's Eye Opal that is in the Crystal Blessing video.