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Raw Healerite - Song of Stones

Raw Healerite

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I was immediately drawn to these Healerite Stones when I first saw them at my suppliers. Everyone who sees them feels the same way. I have never seen a stone with a colour such as this. It is bright but soft at the same time. Quite special.

Robert Simmons writes: This is a stone of profound healing energy. Healerites currents move into the body quite readily at any point, carrying emanations of well-being to body and soul. Through the linking of the heart, solar plexus and third eye chakras, Healerite stimulates the harmonious accord of awareness, love and will, empowering one to manifest these more fully than ever before. Healerite energizes the Liquid Crystal Body Matrix, creating revitalization on the cellular level. On the emotional level, Healerite encourages the optimal emotional states of joy, expansiveness, generosity, intimacy and heart-centered awareness. This stone is a great aid for those seeking to heal old wounds to the emotional body--even those carried unconsciously from past lives. Healerite can also help practitioners break the pattern of being the wounded healer--one who engages in helping others but neglects ones own self-healing. On the spiritual level, Healerite is a stone of planetary healing. Planting this stone in areas where damage has been done to the etheric body of the Earth through the traumas of war, pollution, deforestation or environmental exploitation can affect the spiritual repair of such areas. If one does such planting with clear intention and ritual, the effects are much enhanced. Healerite is the perfect stone for healing practitioners to place in their treatment rooms and for meditation spaces. Healerite resonates with angels, devas and Nature spirits, and those wishing to enter into conscious relationship with such entities are likely to find their connections much improved and enriched. Children will find an easy connection with Healerite, and handling the stone can help them maintain states of calm, happy awareness Healerite greatly increases ones chi, or life force. This may be the underlying reason for its multitude of beneficial effects. Healerite can help one calm frayed nerves, balance the body and emotions, attune to the spiritual realms, and increase inner vitality and energy. One can feel years younger when the subtle matter-energy of Healerite fully permeates ones being. It says to me that it is a stone of longevity and rejuvenation, as well as simple healing. Healerite has a special connection with Shungite, which enhances the flow of energy through the meridian system and is also said to be a stone of rejeuvenation.