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Raw Carnelian - Song of Stones

Raw Carnelian

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Carnelian is a hidden gem. It is wonderfully abundant which might work to dull our view of it slightly. But mother nature put Carnelian here in such abundance because it is a stone that is highly needed in our time. Abundant, inexpensive but SOOOOO VALUABLE!

Carnelian vibrates to the number 5 and 6, Astrological sign of Taurus, Cancer, Leo. Carnelian is a gem of the earth, a symbol of strength and beauty of our planet. Its message is one of love. Carnelian stimulates a deeper love and appreciation for the beauty and gifts of the earth. It has grown and evolved with the human race and can teach one to carve out a unique place in life and how to utilize personal power in the physical world. Carnelian will draw in light for its own purposes and reflect back the depth of colour of our own physical world. It has been used to see into the past by those who have the knowledge. Carnelian protects against envy, fear and rage from both within and without. It helps to banish sorrow and can be used to dispel indifference, lethargy, laziness and procrastination. It is a stone for harmonious energy in the home. It is a stimulating stone for both mind and creative energy - especially the theatrical arts. The ancient Egyptians found it to be an ideal stone to use as seals as wax does not easily stock to it. Carnelian was also used in ancient burial practices.

These Raw Carnelian Rocks are approximately 1" to 2". I will listen for the one that is singing for you.