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Raw Blue Amber - Song of Stones

Raw Blue Amber

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Blue Amber captured my attention quite powerfully with it’s lovely song. It is called "blue" but it really can't be defined so narrowly. It is very mysterious in it’s colour. In it’s raw form it appears to be a type of dark blue. Holding it to the light reveals the honey tone that the word Amber brings to mind and as you moved it, you’d be gifted with flashes of blue and sometimes other colours as well. Polished, it looks Amber (honey) the blue flashes revealed from light and movement. But there is another colour hidden within this special crystal, one that was revealed when I was guided in a magical experience to shine a fluorescent light on it. I shared the details of this experience in the blog: "A Shocking Discovery". When bathed in this mysterious light, it TURNED BRIGHT GREEN (and at times deep TEAL) AND LOOKED COMPLETELY OPAQUE. It’s quite a powerful contrast and it took my breath away.


Blue Amber is one of the crystals that has come forward with insights into duality. It shows us through its form, the possibility of unity and harmony. It shows us the reflection of this duality in ourselves as well as the way to co-exist with our polar parts – ending the struggle between our disparate halves. That in and of itself is quite magical. Now add to this a THIRD presence – the colour that comes out when exposed to a light beyond our visibility. THE POWER OF THREE … the SPIRITUAL TRINITY. It is quite spectacular.

These Raw Amber pieces range in size from approx. 1" to 1-3/4". The stones in the pictures are some of the examples of this magical stone. I will listen for the one who is singing for you.