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Pyromorphite Crystal Clusters - Song of Stones

Pyromorphite Crystal Clusters

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These lovely bright green Pyromorphite Crystal Clusters have energy of rich abundance.  They are whispering to me a song of releasing dormant talents and guiding us on a path to unexplored destinies.  They are showing me something surprising.  They brighten in tone when you pay them attention.  As soon as your focus shifts to them, they do the same - they pay attention to you.  It's quite spectacular.  They can appear quite dull in one instance and then in the next, they brighten and glow.  You really must experience it to get the full power of this transformation.  I'm quite amazed by it.  It helps me to understand their message more deeply.  They can show us how to do what they do ... how to release our true light and colour.  How to reveal our natural abilities.  People often see our hidden talents long before we do.  These little crystal families SEE US and they show us how to see the light in ourselves that is unique to us.  This is one I'd definitely give to someone who is seeking their life path. I think one of these is going to get packed up and sent to my daughter in University.

These lovely Pyromorphite Crystal Clusters are approx. 1/2" to 1". I will listen for the crystal cluster who is singing for you.