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Pipestone Tumbled - Song of Stones

Pipestone Tumbled

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Catlinite (aka Pipestone) Vibrates to the number 2 & 3, Astrological sign of Sagittarius

Pipestone or Catlinite is a metamorphosed mudstone - a stone that came to its present form through a transformation. Catlinite is a sacred stone to the native people of North America. They have used it for hundreds of years to carve sacred pipes and totems for sacred ceremonies, as protective devices and to enhance skills. If we wish to use Pipestone in an intuitive way, we are encouraged to ask for guidance in how. Catlinite is a soft stone that is lovely to hold, deepening in tone as you do. Even just as I was holding it to describe it to you, the stone deepened. It was such a powerful difference I stopped to take a picture so you could see for yourself.  (Note: picture shown is the tumbled pipestone)

There's something very special about this stone. If you are meant to work with it, you will feel it and it will guide you in the when and the how.

These Raw Catlinite Stones range in size from approx. 1" to 2"

I will listen for the raw Pipestone that is singing for you.