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Pinon-Juniper Essential Oil Co-distillation - Song of Stones

Pinon-Juniper Essential Oil Co-distillation

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5ml. Pinon/Juniper Essential Oil Co-distillation

The trees have been singing so powerfully to me.  They are here to support us in so many ways.  One of those ways is through the liquid of their life essence - through Essential Oils.  Their gift to us goes beyond the beauty of their scent and the richness of their body.  They can raise us up higher than the uppermost tip of the tallest of their collective.  They can offer us the wisdom that has been held in their hearts for eons before we ever came to this world.  They can reveal to us an inner strength we would never have imagined that we possessed.  They can teach us how to stay rooted through the fiercest of storms.  They who are the breath of this planet can show us how to breathe so deeply and so fully, with clarity and ease.  They do all that and more and they do so with grace and harmony and with a pure openness and acceptance.  These are the gifts of the trees.

This co-distillation of Pinon and Juniper (Pinus monophylla, Juniperus monosperma) from Utah is a rare gift.  These essential oils have been Steam distilled, in co-creation with the spirits of the land; a co-distillation of two plant species who live in community throughout the desert southwest.  Because of the way in which these two desert species interact within their community, the oil carries a quality of partnership, relationship, and teamwork.  This one can help us strengthen our ability to recognize our own role in a partnership or community, and find the fulfillment that comes from embracing this role.  The strength of these two ancients is inherent in the oil, and provides ready support for our growth in consciousness.  This is an oil that can offer support for healing spinal issues and ungrounded fears; and help us to descend into the physical form more completely.  As we do so, the frequency of the physical body is raised and refined, making it more comfortable to inhabit!  This oil can help with discernment, especially concerning that which is truly supportive of our health and vitality.

DISCLAIMER:  None of these are recognized or approved by the FDA.  They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  They have not been studied or evaluated as to the risks or effectiveness.