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Pink Tourmaline Crystal Tumbles Circle of 5 - Song of Stones

Pink Tourmaline Crystal Tumbles Circle of 5

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These beautiful Pink Tourmaline Crystal Tumbles shared the Crystal Moon Message for 2019's first full moon, which happened to be a Full Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse (following a new moon solar eclipse 2 weeks earlier). They shared surprising wisdom about the human physical body. They are here to teach you how to do what they do naturally, which is to shift your body's electromagnetic field so that you can attract what you desire in your life and repel that which you do not want. That is Tourmaline's Superpower. They can show you how to make it yours.

When I held them in my hand to listen to their crystal moon message, they did something quite fascinating. They had this stickiness to them and a sort of magnetic connection - when I moved them around in my hand they had an attraction to each other. It was quite something. Then when I was taking a photo of a group of them, they gathered naturally into a sort of heart shape which I thought was telling ... and charming.

Tourmaline vibrates to the number 2 and is the astrological sign - Libra - Elemental. Tourmaline's electrical emanations have been revered in many cultures who have used it to: "bring good" as a "teller" stone; for healing; for protection from danger; to awaken from "dream of illusion"; and to promote spirituality. Tourmaline attracts inspiration, encourages self confidence and diminishes fear by promoting understanding. It balances the male/female energies within and stimulates balance between the left and right sides of the brain enhancing creativity and healing. It helps one to look within and release the concept of being a victim.

These crystal tumbles are wee ... they range in size from approx. 1/4" to 1/2" (give or take). I will listen for the crystals who are singing for you.

You will receive 5 Tourmaline Tumbles