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Phosphosiderite Tumble Stones - Song of Stones

Phosphosiderite Tumble Stones

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These Tumbled Phosphosiderite Stones are a rare Orchid coloured stone from Peru. These rare coloured stones are a beautifully harmonic combination of Phosphorus and Siderite. I have found it to be a beautifully loving stone of the higher heart ... the spiritual heart. If you want to speak about it from the perspective of the chakras, I would say it would spark the point of connection between crown and heart. But Phosphosiderite is so much more than that. There is not a lot of metaphysical information on this stone, but I have included what I've found ...

Phosphosiderite connects you to subtle aspects of 'self' like daydreaming or lucid recollections of distant memories. Gentle, floating of expanded awareness, that if you are sensitive you might pick up on, but if you are not its just floating around out there. Its energy smoothes the auric field, again on the outskirts, gently retrieving fragments of yourself, left in places long before. As channeled by Leesa Melrose of Crystal Spirits: Calm like a lavender blue ocean. Think of fields and fields of french lavender, their sent being given to you upon the wind, clearing your energy an bringing calmness with freshness and new energies. It opens and expands your mind with the aid of the third eye the bring in new awareness's new insights. It also brings in a gentle calming love energy, a violet cousin to larimar.