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Pearl Quartz - Song of Stones

Pearl Quartz

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These beautiful Pearl Quartz Crystals have an opalescent inner glow. They are also known as Girasol Quartz, but Pearl was the name they were given and they do feel different than typcial Girasol. Girasol Quartz is a wondrous stone with a soft ethereal presence. Holding a piece of Girasol is like holding a chunk of heaven in your palm. It captures light and swirls it around. These Pearl Quartz crystal pieces are magical stone beings which glow with a milky opalescence ... a bluish tone that sing of the mystical realm of magic and ethereal beings. Girasol is a name shared by a "Blue" Opal, as well as an opalized Quartz. The metaphysical information here refers to the Opal, though it is the Quartz that is being offered here and is usually what those seeking Girasol are looking for.

Girasol can help to stimulate communication skills. It can assist us in voicing thoughts and information which we have not been courageous enough to voice in the past. It shows us that we have both the freedom and courage to speak freely, and the wisdom to recognize those who will accept our honesty. Girasol stimulates our creativity and ingenuity in 'connecting' with another. It helps us to see the ways and the situations which would be most helpful in making these connections. Girasol has also been used to enhance meditation and to activate the third-eye.

These raw Pearl Quartz chunks range in size from approx. 2" to 3". I will listen for the one who is singing for you.