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Handmade Pearl Pendulum

Handmade Pearl Pendulum

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Handcrafted Pearl Pendulum hangs from a fine sterling silver chain topped by a natural Amazonite stone bead.

I had been looking for a nice quality Pendulums to offer you a long time. These very special Pendulums were handcrafted with love and respect by a very special soul.  You can feel the love that she puts into the pieces she co-creates in their energy. These are one of a kind pieces and I had them specially made for you. When I received them, opening up the package was like finding a treasure chest and opening it up and brilliant, dazzling jewels spilling out onto your lap.  The energy of these crystals just sparkled!  They were lovingly made with specially chosen, very high quality crystals and fine sterling silver.  These very special pendulums are like fine jewelry.

This pendulum is crafted with a soft creamy long natural Pearl with an irridescent lustre. It is a lovely piece with a softness that comes through in is appearance and its energy! 

Total Length of Pendulum from the Top Bead to the end of the Pearl is approx. 6-3/4". The Pearl is approx. 1".