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Pathway of Listening CD - Song of Stones
Pathway of Listening CD - Song of Stones

Pathway of Listening CD

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The Pathway of Listening CD set, by Fabeku Fatunmise
Finally available again for a limited time only!

When The Pathway of Listening was first released, it sold out. Twice. Hundreds of people from all around the world bought this CD set and have continued to sing its praises over the years.  This is the first time this CD set has been available since 2006!  Since then, there has been a steady stream of requests for this set to be re-released.   This set is being offered at the exact same price it was offered at in 2005 when it was first released.

Here's what Fabeku has to say:

If you're not familiar with The Pathway of Listening, this is the closest thing to a "how to" course on listening that I've ever done.  On The Pathway of Listening I share what I’ve learned listening to the stone spirits over the last 18 years. I share an effective way to approach listening by presenting listening as a series of simple steps that you can take to deepen, expand and enhance your connections to not just the Earth Elders, but to life itself.

The information on this set reflects some of the best and most effective teachings I’ve ever shared on listening. And while these teachings naturally benefit all facets of our life, the information, exercises and guided meditations are all specifically focused on supporting you in learning (or remembering) how to listen to the Earth Elders. That’s especially awesome if, like me, you love the stone spirits and want to connect more deeply with them."

Two CDs.  Almost 2.5 hours of teaching aimed at making listening completely and totally accessible to you. Add to that 11 hands-on exercises and two powerful guided meditations, and you have a truly solid introduction to the pathway of listening.

Here’s a peek at the contents of each CD:

Disc one:
01. The dance begins…
02. What is listening?
03. As natural as breathing
04. Challenges on the road
05. The four facets of listening
06. First facet – Receptivity
07. Exercise: Closing our eyes
08. Exercise: Breath of the Awakened Heart
09. Second facet – Resonance
10. Exercise: Three points of sacred communion
11. Exercise: The mudra of listening
12. Exercise: The power of the pulse point
13. Third Facet – Relationship
14. Exercise: Your first inspiration
15. Exercise: Word association
16. Exercise: Week of devotion
17. Fourth Facet – Response
18. Exercise: Giving thanks
19. Exercise: Making offerings
20. Exercise: Integration
21. Stone spirits & listening

Disk 2:
01. Tendrils of Light – An overview
02. Exercise: Tendrils of Light – The dance
03. Stone Spirit Sanctuary – An overview
04. Exercise: Stone Spirit Sanctuary – The dance
05. Stone Spirit Sanctuary – Dancing deeper
06. In closing
07. BONUS! The mantra of listening

The exercises on Disk 2 are extended guided meditations. That's why it has less tracks than the first disc. They are both approximately equal in length.