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Parisite Crystals

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These raw Parisite Crystals are extremely rare. These are fragile crystals and require a gentle touch. They come forward at this time to reveal our inner strength. They show us that a being can be delicate, yet extremely powerful. Parisite is an incredible source of support for Light Guides, who are often highly sensitive souls. We sometimes mistake our sensitive nature for weakness, but it's anything but. Parisite helps us to see that. These crystals also help the empaths among us to define our boundaries by becoming aware of what feelings are ours and what belongs to another. That helps us tremendously when we feel our physical space is being invaded and we seek solace by isolating ourselves.

Parisite vibrates to the number 7 and is the astrological sign of Scorpio. Parisite will help us find the strength to voice our opinion. We will recognize when others try to exploit our personal good will, and take action to prevent it. Parisite shows us that we have the strength to encounter these situations and deal with the cause. Parisite has been used to raise the brain wave frequency, to stimulate increased mental capacity and stamina, and to increase the amount of brain cells which are readily used. Parisite can help us to strengthen the electro-magnetic connection between the physical and the ethereal energy fields, giving us a sense of wellness and a calm, but powerful sense of action.

These powerful Parisite Crystals range in size from approx. 1/4" to 1/2". I will listen for the one who is singing for you.

NOTE: One of the pictures gives you an insight as to their energetic presence.