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Nuumit - Song of Stones


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Nuumit is an ancient stone. These tumbled Nuumit stones (aka Nuumite stones) are singing so powerfully at this time. They, along with many other black stones are stepping forward ito support us through some powerful earth shifts. They will help us to see the wisdom and beauty of what's happening in our time. These deep dark ancient rich black stones gift you with the most brilliant flashes of colour, revealing a great light through the darkness. They are shy for the camera. I tried to do justice to their colour flashes but they will be much more impressive in person.

Nuumit vibrates to the number 3 and is the astrological sign of Sagittarius. Nuumit, the oldest living mineral, was formed over three billion years ago. It can be used to open, to activate, and to integrate the chakras. It both balances and aligns the chakras. It helps us to be grounded, through the chakras, to both the Earth and the ethereal body. It is an excellent energy source. It provides for a circular energy connecting the crown and the base chakras. It can help us to see that the bonds and constraints we place on ourselves are self-imposed and easily discarded. It helps us to make decisions with the heart, on that which is really important and to plan for, and to initiate, the release of any binding ideas. It has protective, shielding qualities which work at the physical, etheric and emotional levels. It helps us to move through changes with strength and perseverance. It can encourage flashes of intuition and insight. It stimulates memory and recall of relevant information and helps us to verbalize our thoughts. It helps us to see behind facades and understand what lies beneath words and actions. It has been used by wise ones of ancient civilizations to invoke visions and provide insight into the answers required to facilitate healing on all levels.

I will listen for the Nuumit Stone who is singing for you.