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Natural Turquoise Stones - Song of Stones

Natural Turquoise Stones

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These natural Turquoise stones come from Stone Mountain Mine in the high deserts of Lyon County, Nevada. Most of the stones found in this mine are hand collected. The Turquoise is carefully hand picked from it's matrix and gently tumbled clean. The Turquoise is NEVER stabilized. Because Turquoise is such a soft stone, most of what is offered commercially is stabilized. If that matters to you, then you should ask your supplier if their turquoise has been treated. The Turquoise of Stone Mountain has very unique combinations of minerals that produce stones of various colors, shapes and sizes. The rock formations in the area have been studied vigorously over the years, andesite-rhyolite, limonite, porphyry iron, hornblende quartz monzodiorite, argillaceous, and carbonate sedimentary rocks including evaporites on some mountain peaks are but a few. The combination of a heavy amount of iron and magnesium creates a harder, longer-lasting natural bond in the gemstone.

I will listen for the Turquoise stone that is singing for you.