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Marcasite Fossil Nodules - Song of Stones

Marcasite Fossil Nodules

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These crystalline Marcasite Fossil Nodules are hand harvested from Alden, New York. They were part of a private collection and as far as I know are no longer available. They are quite heavy and have a metallic lustre and shiny sparkle that the pictures didn't really fully capture. As fossils, the crystalized bones (so to speak) of ancient sea creatures, I have found them to be of great support with STRUCTURAL issues. These solidified sea stones will also support you in any TRANSFORMATION you are undergoing in your life.  They have, after all, gone through a very powerful transformation themselves ... from sea being to stone being over aeons.  A primordial metamorphosis ... Ancient Alchemy!

These crystals came forward to offer me their energetic gift at a time that I was having some aches and pains. They shared with me that they will support any issues to do with bones (and connective tissue).  I took them to a show recently and the woman in the booth next to me was experiencing a lot of pain in her hand from carpal tunnel syndrome. I introduced her to the Marcasite Nodules.  She chose one and came back a little later to show me how the swelling in her hand had gone down and the pain had subsided. A family member shared a similar story. She tucked her Marcasite Nodule under her pillow and when she woke up she found it near her back where she had been sore. She often reaches for her Marcasite when she is in pain and it helps her each time. I am not saying that you will have the same experience as we did, I'm just sharing our experiences with you. The crystalline beings offer their gifts in many ways. They don't "heal" us; rather they offer the energetic vibrations to help us remember how to align our bodies in a harmonious state of well being.  

Marcasite is in harmony with the number 8, Astrological sign of Leo. Marcasite is identical in chemical composition to Pyrite and possesses the same properties. Marcasite shows us a view of ourselves from an outside perspective so we can gain insight into ways of painlessly correcting the qualities within ourselves which need healing; when we use this stone, we sometimes gain these insights by looking at ourselves in a different way than usual. It helps us to make these changes easily, and gives us reminders of any uncorrected and unwanted personal traits. It can show us how we may appear dull to others and encourages us to 'shine. It sparks and illumines the senses and the intellect, softening our expressiveness and helping us to eliminate both the use of rash words and actions of impatience. Marcasite represents spiritual development, providing for prosperity by eliminating starvation of the spirit.

Fossil is in harmony with the number 8, Astrological sign of Virgo. The fossil is a preserved remnant of the past. Most fossils are organic matter which has transformed to stone. In addition to the qualities listed for the mineral which assists in the fossilization process, the following properties apply. In ancient times, fossils were believed to have been stony casts of that which was once alive and which were grown in the Earth from seeds descendent form the realms of the stars. These gifts from the stars were used to magnify telepathic communication between our present reality and past worlds, as well as the current other worlds. With fossils, we can heighten our accomplishments in business. We can manifest quality and excellence in our world. We can free ourselves from old programming and schedules, and be open and receptive to, and perceptive of, fresh innovative forces.

These sparkly beings range in size from approx. 3/8" to 1. I will listen for the one who is singing for you : )