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Mani Stone

Mani Stone

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When I saw these stones I was so drawn to them. I hadn't heard of them before and I wasn't able to find any metaphysical information about them. But I can tell you what I discovered from listening to them. They just light up the room. They have a magical glow - you don't see it at first glance, but when it happens it is unmistakeable. Then after your eyes adjust to the glow and you look at them again you see the imprints of spirit beings. Mystical figures, historical figures, personal spirits - each stone is unique. I was blown away by these very mystical stone beings. 

If they share any more wisdom with me, I will definitely let you know. I invite you to discover who your spiritual visitor is when you receive your stone. Get in touch and let me know who came to you.

These Mani stones are approx. 1" to 2".

I will listen for the stone who is singing for you. 

Each one is unique but they all have a similar appearance - except for one blue one. Let me know if your are feeling called to have the blue one.