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Magaia - Twin Heart Soul Star - Song of Stones

Magaia - Twin Heart Soul Star

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This Star Gate crystals carry a heart connection ... A TWIN HEART.  The Heart of the crystal is the portal. It is through your heart that you may move through it.   And it is to the heart of your soul ancestor that this STAR GATE takes you. It may not be a physical ancestor. What is meant by a soul ancestor is someone you are connected to beyond the confines of the physical plane. A Soul Mate in the truest sense of the word. Someone who not only SEES your soul, but is of one soul with you. Your Soul Ancestor may or may not be or have been incarnate in this physical world.  This is beyond what we know of ancestry. It is not linear (lineage).

These Twin Heart Star Gate Crystals sing of FAMILY connections ...

SPECIFICALLY MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS.  These are ancestral connections that are passed on through generations through the heart ... not through words or events or traditions but ... DIRECTLY THROUGH THE HEART. The wisdom that is passed from mother to daughter does not necessarily need to flow through a physical body.  Your mothers and daughters are with you always. You can reach them anytime through your heart.  They have a powerful message ... they are about SOUL FAMILY. These are deep connections that come not by BLOOD but through the HEART.

These crystals sing of the THE FEMININE HEART ... FEMININE LOVE.  That may be experienced as the love of a mother, a daughter, or grandmother. But at the HEART, of that love you will feel your SOURCE ... THE ULTIMATE MOTHER LOVE!  In beautiful synchronicity, as I was writing this listing,  the Universe gave me a symbol that connected so perfectly ... the Triple Goddess.  She is the original trinity, symbolized by the "3 faces of the Great Goddess". The Triple Goddess is connected with the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, each of which symbolizes both a separate stage in the female life cycle and a phase of the moon. I've heard of this symbol of course, but I never understood it so clearly until I heard the song of these crystals.

The feminine trinity can be seen in the 3 ethereal beings here.

There are only FOUR of these Twin Heart Star Gate crystals. They guided their price which has a very special numerological significance. This one is a Corinto Quartz Crystal and is approx. 3-1/4" x 1-1/2".  The portal to this one lies in beautiful ethereal inner veils in the form of hearts - 2 of them. You may have to play a little with the crystal to see them - as you have to catch it at just the right angle. 

This crystal is very special with a very powerful, yet gentle energy. I would expect no less from this feminine being. She is here for a special purpose. You will know if you are to work together. She will bring tears to your eyes as she has done for me now. Trust your knowing. She will help you when you second guess yourself.