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Lion Heart - Golden Opal sings of Courage COMING SOON - Song of Stones

Lion Heart - Golden Opal sings of Courage COMING SOON

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I feel the support of the Golden Opal Lion Heart stone beings. It rises around me like a shield. It’s not a shield of protection. It’s a field of support.

They whisper their song to me. They reveal something in that song. They show me something within I didn’t know I had. Courage. Courage not to conquer my fears but to embrace them.

Ok my wise, beautiful friends ... what more have you to say.

This e-book is their answer to me.


"You have sought out this power. Searched for it for much of your life - whether it was knowingly or not. But you’ve not been searching in the right place. This power will not be found in the outer world. It is not found in material acquisition or fame or political position. That kind of power is illusory. It leaves you always wanting more. That is not true power and that is why no matter how much of it you have, you are never satisfied."