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Howlite - Song of Stones


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These very attractive Howlite stones are lightly tumbled. Howlite crystalizes in the form of white nodules which resemble Turquoise. In fact, because turqoise is so highly sought after, Howlite is often dyed to resemble turquoise and sold as turquenite - or sometimes mistakenly as turquoise. In it's natural boytroiydal form it has an interesting resemblance to the brain. When you look up it's metaphysical properties, it makes sense that it supports issues of the "mind", like stress related situations, memory, reason, discernment, clarity and more. People find it brings them an instant peacefulness when they are around this stone.

Howlite crystalizes in the form of white nodules, compact masses, and tabular crystals. This mineral can be used to calm communications, to facillitate awareness, and to encourage emotional expression. It tends to combine the power of reasoning with observation and patience. It spurs one towards ambition to reach ones goals. Howlite can be used to eliminate pain, stress and rage. It can help lessen rudeness and boisterousness and encourages subtlety and tact. This mineral can be useful for balancing calcium levels in the body, both stimulating increase or decrease dependent on the area. It can also be used in the tratment of disorders of the teeth, bone structure, and soft tissues.

These white tumbles range in size from approx. 1/2" to 1". I will listen for the Howlite stone who is singing for you.