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Green Cat's Eye Tourmaline

Green Cat's Eye Tourmaline

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These wonderful Green/Black Tourmaline Crystals came from Brazil. They are large crystals. Very lustrous and quite gemmy - which is rare for this size. The colors on this crystal are unlike any I've seen in tourmaline. They are very deep in tone - they appear black - but they could be a very deep green. My supplier described them as having Black tops and Green sides, but they seem to me to be Cat's Eye Crystals. Some of the crystals are open to the inside and you can see those chatoyant fibrous inclusions that are the source of the flash of light in the Cat's Eye Crystals. The green is incredible in tone and light. It doesn't have the movement that is often seen in the Cat's Eye crystals, but they have that variance in color that you find in ... well eyes ... yes ... cat's eyes. They feel very much to be cat's eye crystals to me, but you will decide for yourself.

Here's a message a customer of mine received from her Cat's Eye Tourmaline stones:

"They are not cat related at all. They are crystalized/ petrified saplings of plants! Like miniature tree trunks, rising upward to the light, carrying their own light from earth to sky. The inner tree structure is as if turned inside out. The inner is now mirrored on the surface and shows its brilliance.Then inner knowledge is exposed, not hidden by bark. It gives off brilliance and shares it outwardly with much love. Lifting Earth Energy up and giving it outward. Earth's Light from the inner core, radiates from within to all who will notice. So sweet!"

Tourmaline vibrates to the number 2 and is the astrological sign - Libra - Elemental. Tourmaline's electrical emanations have been revered in many cultures who have used it to: "bring good" as a "teller" stone; for healing; for protection from danger; to awaken from "dream of illusion"; and to promote spirituality. Tourmaline attracts inspiration, encourages self confidence and diminishes fear by promoting understanding. It balances the male/female energies within and stimulates balance between the left and right sides of the brain enhancing creativity and healing. It helps one to look within and release the concept of being a victim.

Cat's Eye vibrates to the number 6 and is the astrological sign of Capricorn, Taurus and Aries. This type of stone has a chatoyancy which resembles a cat's eye. This chatoyancy is caused by inclusions of straight fibres of asbestos. A Cat's Eye crystal represents happiness and serenity.  It can amplify luck  It can stimulate intuition and enhance awareness. It is effective in dispelling unwanted energy from our etheric fields.  It provides us with a protective energy.

These crystals are approx. 3/4" to 1". I will listen for the one who is singing for you.