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Golden Tiger Eye - Song of Stones

Golden Tiger Eye

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These highly flashy raw golden Tiger Eye (or Tiger's Eye) Stones will dazzle you with their golden chatoyancy. These stones are quite chunky. The stones with the cat's eye effect have always spoken to my heart. They show us the flash of brilliance that lies in waiting for the right moment to reveal it's light. This is the potential we all have - we all have that inner light just waiting for us to move into the space that will allow it to be seen.These stone's cat's eye chatoyancy is caused by inclusions of straight fibres of asbestos. A Cat's Eye crystal represents happiness and serenity. It can amplify luck. It can stimulate intuition and enhance awareness. It is effective in dispelling unwanted energy from our etheric fields. It provides us with a protective energy.

These magical stone beings range in size from approx. 1-1/4" to 3-1/4". I will listen for the one who is singing for you.