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Earth Drums CD
Earth Drums CD

Earth Drums CD

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I have been looking for some simple drumming music ever since I was introduced to the Pathway of Listening cds which opened up a wonderful, deeper way to connect to the Stone Beings. I was thrilled when I found this simple, yet powerful, sacred Native American drumming music cd that I can put on when I want to connect with the stone beings in that very deep way. 

The heartbeat of Mother Earth is the rhythm heard here. The drum coveys a feeling of stability, security and plenitude. This atmosphere allows better concentration and sharpens the powers of perception. Thus, the drum makes easier all study, meditation, dance, physical exercises and any work that requires concentration such as shamanic journeying. These two renderings of Earth Drums last a half hour each. There are a few very short vocals and rattles on Ceremony. Shamanic Journey is just straight drumming by the hand held and water drums.

All the recordings in Eagle Music recreate the original wisdom of music, that of bringing to the light our true essence. All the music is composed by Blue Eagle.

All instruments and voices are performed by Blue Eagle thanks to multi­track recording.


1. Ceremony ... 30 minutes

2. Shamanic Journey ... 29.36 minutes

INSTRUMENTS: Round hand drum, octagonal hand drum, water drum, life force shaker (rattle), voice.

Blue Eagle Music donates a percentage of all profits to Native American and ecological charities.

THIS IS THE LAST ONE. I will not be getting any more.