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Duet of the Wings of Angels - Song of Stones

Duet of the Wings of Angels

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It is a time where the stones are dancing in pairs and singing duets.  This very special couple, in their graceful form, came together to sing of the flight of Angels.

The wing of green is a beautiful Green Quartz crystal comes from Madagascar.  The Green colour of these crystals comes from Epidote, Chlorite and Sphene (I imagine not all 3 are physically present at all times, but the energy of all are here). The Violet wing is a very special natural Lepidolite crystal.  What always fascinates me about these crystals is their illusory nature.  They show you an opaque reflective surface, yet when you hold them in the light, they reveal the truth of their translucency. 

These crystals are 1" and 1-3/4"