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Drewv Spark'l Star Gate Crystal - Song of Stones

Drewv Spark'l Star Gate Crystal

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This crystal is part of a very special group of Double Terminated Quartz Crystals from Madagascar. I felt a special energy from them from the moment they arrived. At first I thought these were Angel Crystals ... then I felt fairy energy ... many had lightning marks ... It all made sense when they revealed that they are STAR GATE crystals. For these crystals are portals to the magical realms. These Spark'l Crystals are the first of the "STAR GATE' crystals. They open gateways to other realms. That is their gift.

This is a grand universe and there are many beings living in it. No matter how far or how different these beings are, we are all, at our essence, connected. Star Gate crystals offer us a connection - a bridge - to other worlds and realms. They offer us an opening to connect with those far away beings. Truly, we don’t need the crystals to create the connection. We are capable of doing it on our own. However, the crystals can help us remember how and show us what to do. They are wonderful teachers and guides on our journey - generous, loving and accepting. 

This Crystal is Drewv. He is approx. 2-1/4" x 1". He is a star child crystal with a dolphin baby and one lightbrary column. He is a celestial star chart - a map of the stars. The pictures do not accurately show the beauty and depth of this crystalline being but the one who will adopt him will connect quite beautifully nonetheless.