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Dravite Crystals kissed by an Angel

Dravite Crystals kissed by an Angel

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Dravite crystals also sometimes called Dravide are a Brown Tourmaline. When I first discovered this incredible stone, I carried it everywhere with me. I found myself feeling a confidence and security that I had not felt before. I don't always carry my Dravite crystal with me anymore but those feelings remained. This was my crystal's gift to me. This special group came together with a magical Muscovite matrix. They are double terminated with a beautiful deep earth brown tone with gorgeous sunset highlights. They have been here for a long time - almost since the beginning of Song of Stones. They've been here ... quiet, patient, awaiting the perfect moment. Then in magical synchroncity these beautiful Dravite Crystals began singing an Angelic Song. They revealed their connection to the Angelic realm through their sparkling muscovite matrix extending out like Angel's Wings, holding them in sweet embrace. This group have at least a little bit of the sparkly muscovite Matrix.  They have been "Kissed by an Angel". It's not a surprise to me that Dravite has this connection with the Angels for it shares many of their wonderful qualities. Dravite offers a gentle comfort and support. It helps you to feel comfortable in your own skin. It allows you to be who you are in a safe space of loving acceptance just like the Angels do. It is an Earth Angel.

Dravite vibrates to the numbers 2 and 9 and is the astrological sign of Aries. Dravite is the brown form of Tourmaline. It is a very protective and grounding stone, bringing the presence of the earth to the peace of the higher self. It is said that placing a piece of brown tourmaline in with your plants will enhance their growth. It is a beautiful stone with a wonderful earthy colour and a pretty orangy sparkle from within. This is an excellent crystal for those of us who wish to make that connection to the Earth.

These Dravite Crystals kissed by an Angel range in size from approx. 1/2" to 1-1/2". I will listen for the Earth Angel who is singing for you.