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Cryolite - Song of Stones


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Cryolite is a very rare and very magical being. These beautiful tumbled Cryolite stones have a lovely energy. Cryolite is a Soldium Aluminum Fluoride, part of the Halide group of minerals. Cryolite was once used to extract Aluminum from Bauxite, which is curious as it is an aluminum itself. These days they use a synthetic form as natural Cryolite is too rare and expensive. Cryolite has a low index of refraction close to that of water. This means that clear Cryolite will seem to disappear when emmersed in water. Even cloudy cryolite will become more transparent and its edges will be less distinct, an effect similar to ice in water except that the ice floats. These physical properties of Cryolite reveal insights into their metaphysical traits. They sing about being seen. Cryolite wants us to know:

"We can show you how to align what you feel in your hearts with what is seen in your physical bodies so that those feelings are expressed clearly and easily. You can show the world what you want to show the world. You can exude an outer energy that is in harmony with your inner thoughts and intentions. You can be seen as who you truly are. Or you can choose to to remain annonymous - invisible. One is not preferable or "better" than the other. It is a choice and that choice has purpose either way. Sometimes it's important to be seen and other times it's not."

These rare Cryolite Tumble stones are approx. 1-1/8". I will listen for the one who is singing for you.