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Chrysoberyl Crystals - Song of Stones

Chrysoberyl Crystals

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These beautiful Chrysoberyl Crystals have a beautiful form and a unique misty green tone. Chrysoberyl is one of earth's rare gifts. This "stone of immortality" is a powerhouse of energy in a small package. It is an important crystal guide for the newly emerging Light Guides as they come into awareness of their expanding gifts.

Chrysoberyl vibrates to the number 6 and is the astrological sign of Leo. Chrysoberyl synthesizes the energy of the third chakra with the energy of the seventh, helping us to bring intellect into our endeavours. It helps to both open and activate the crown chakra, bringing wisdom to our spiritual growth. Chrysoberyl provides for an increase in personal power and spirituality. It is a ‘stone of immortality’, helping us to progress toward excellence. It elevates our sense of self-worth and helps us to understand and actualize the intrinsic state of perfection. It helps us to achieve a feeling of peace within the physical and intellectual bodies. The energy of the stone is strong, yet mellow. It helps us to release and discontinue unproductive energy patterns. Chrysoberyl increases generosity and ‘charitability’, including helping us to be charitable to ourselves. It helps us to forgive those who may have performed an injustice. It brings peace of mind and helps us to understand interactive relationships. It allows us to see the good around us and to understand opposing views.